ArbaQ´s Kennel
Lena and Lasse and Gullan

First time I meet Lasse and Lena was on the Giant Schnauzer Camp 1990. At that time they hade a giant called Asta. Then came Sally and now they have Gullan, meaning cute in Swedish. Lena have an enormously capacity in dog walking, she never gets tired!
Today, Gullan is around 1 year, at the picture to the left she was a small hungry puppy looking for food in the larder. The other two photos are when Gullan is on her boat. Gullans pedigree name is Skäggsmygens Gullan.

Annika and Gazze

This is Gazze and Annika. We train search together with them. Gazze´s pedigree name is Explosive´s For Freedom, which suits him well since he is both explosive and sometimes strives for freedom, to Annika´s great despair. We wish Annika and Gazze all luck in the future.