ArbaQ┤s Kennel

sire: Tjh Korad LP1 SUCh Con Flequillos Sturdy Harpo
dam: LP1 Korad SUCH FINUCH INTUCH Stablemaster┤s Bric-a-brace BR> Born: 1996-04-23
Three puppies. All mental tested (MUH) with OK at the shooting

Korad SUCH ArbaQ┤s Unforgettable, Hd 0

11 year, but still going strong!

Heffa lives at Gotland and she is 2,5 year at the picture.

On the above picture Heffa has just entered Veteran Class at the age of 7,5 year.

LP1 SUCH ArbaQ┤s Unexpected, Hd 0
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ArbaQ┤s Unbelievable, Hd 0/1

Shown at Dog shown at received CK and BOS. Lives like a house pet at friends of mine.