ArbaQ´s Kennel

sire: Nenevale Holmer
dam: LP1 Korad SUCH FINUCH INTUCH Stablemaster´s Bric-a-brace
born 2000-02-05
Nine puppies. All mental tested (MUH) with OK at the shooting

Korad ArbaQ´s Tuva, Hd A
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Korad LPI SUCH FinUCH DkUCH NordUCH ArbaQ´s Trick or Treat, Hd A
Maja, who was the biggest female in litter, has turned out to be a beautiful girl.
Maja is Swedish, Finnis, Danish and Nordic champion. Maja is competing in higher class tracking and has passed the Swedish mental test.

Maja 3 years old

Maja 1 year old

Korad SUCH FinUCH ArbaQ´s Team Leader, Hd A
Boss, which is his family name, is a dog that has very high thoughts about himself. Boss is Swedish and Finnish champion. He is also uppgraded to higher class tracking.

Boss 6 years old, photos taken at Giatnt Schnauzer camp, July 2006.

Boss four year old.

Boss 2,5 year

Boss 1,5 år
LP1 ArbQ´s Titus, Hd A/B
Titus has three first prize in obedience class 1 and also a first prize in class 2. Titus compete in higher class in searching and in the elite class in tracking. Titus got CA on Dog Show.

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LP1 LP 2ArbaQ´s Tussilago, Hd A
Alva has obtained thre first prize in obedience class 1 and 2. She approved in lower class in searching.

ArbaQ´s Tummelisa, Hd A
Lisa lives in Gothenburg together with family Örtberg. Lisa has just started her eduction to become a rescue dog. We wish Göran and Lisa good luck!

ArbaQ´s Tingeling, Hd C
Sally and her family lives in Tyresö. Sally and Therese competes in obedience and have a first prize in class 1, but have plans to start in class 2.

Sally and Therese

Sally and her rabbit.