ArbaQ´s Kennel

e. BH Xtreme vom Reusser Land, Pedigree
(SchH3 IPO3 FH1+2 Jimmy von der Schönburg- AD BH SchH3 Roxi vom Reusser Land)
Hd B
u: Korad ArbaQ´s Surprice, Pedigree
(BH AD DÁrne´Bengel- Korad SUCH FinUCH IntUCH Vendela v Bergherbos) Hd A
Born 2006-05-07
8 puppies.
puppy photos

Korad ArbaQ´s Q-Bus, Hd B

Q-Bus i oktober 2007.

Q-Bus a youngster with a lot of energy living with Sara and Johan and all their dogs.

ArbaQ´s Qbik

Busther, July 2007.

Nu har Busther, October 2006.

Qbik or Busther which is his petname is a big boy. Buster moves to Möndahl and Lasse Augusston.

ArbaQ´s Quatro, Hd A

Zorro, May 2007.

Quatro lives at the family Brännström i Åkersberga.

ArbaQ´s Qajsa Q, Hd B

Qajsa lives with Fredrik Eriksson in Norrköping.

ArbaQ´s Quick Step, Hd A

Saga August 2007

This is Saga, March 2007, I´m sorry that the photos are not soo good.......

Saga, August 2006.

Quick Step or Saga lives in Åkersberga with Carina, Lotta and Daniel,

Korad ArbaQ´s Qwinza, Hd A

Qwinza, July 2009

Qwinza, August 2007

This is Qwinza, September 2006.

Qwinza lives in Upplands Väsby with Hanna Ran med familj.

ArbaQ´s Quiche, Hd A

Quiche lives with Kent and Ulla in Stockholm.

Korad ArbaQ´s Qvittra, Hd A

Qvittra on dog show, Maj 2007.

Qvittra moved to Kerstin and Eddie and the dog pal Filip.