ArbaQ´s Kennel

e. Klubsieger, Klubchampion, Deutscher-Champion UHP BH, VPG 1, KKL 2 Excelsior Junior von Alt Herrenwyk,
(AD B-Pr.WH FH SchH3 Kbsg. Dt. VDH-Ch Gonzo v.d. Grön Au- AD Kbsg. Dt.Ch. Ulrike van de Koekshove)
u: BH Déjà vu v/h Sameritahof
(e. HollCH Invicta Valiant- u. Yessey v Bergherbos)
Födda 2007-04-11
8 puppies.
Puppy pictures

ArbaQ´s Peanut

Vasco April 2008

Peanut 6 weeks old.

Peanut lives in Holland at Viljas breeder, Rene and Dora.

ArbaQ´s Pine

Izor 8 month old, December 2007.

Little Izor in October 2007.

Izor almost 6 weeks old.

Pine or Izor lives with Anna and Mats in Stockholm.

ArbaQ´s Pistachio

Alfons 6 weeks old.

ArbaQ´s Pistachio or Alfons lives with Ewa in Stockholm. I am so sorry but I forgot to take picture of them. So sorry...

ArbaQ´s Picnocchio

Lego 6 weeks old.

Lego lives with Peter, Eila and their two kids in Göteborg.

ArbaQ´s Pinje

Ronja summer 2008

Ronja , February 2008

Pinje 6 weeks old

Pinje or Ronja lives in Skutskär with Jenny and Anders and their two kids with schnauzern Sally.

ArbaQ´s Pinea

Thea March 2008

Thea, August 2007

Pinea almost 6 weeks

Pinea or Tea lives in Stockholm with Alex and Noomi.

ArbaQ´s Poppy

Poppy 6 weeks old.

ArbaQ`s Poppy or Tilly lives with Per and Ann.

ArbaQ´s Pumpkin

Swinto 5 months old

Swinto 5 months old

Pumkin 6 weeks old

Pumpkin or Swinto lives with Maria and Claes in Gävle.