ArbaQ┤s Kennel

News - 2009

19 Januari
Some new puppy pictures. Now the pups are three weeks old.

Now we can walk!

And play!

First meal on plate!

17 January
Why is it so difficult to take photos of dogs.....? Anyway, yesterday we had visit of Sonic (ArbaQ┤s Gigabite) and his family. Sonic is a 5 month puppy after Ostin and Amy. I did some grooming and then we would take some photos. Not the easiest to do, but below are the results....

Sonic, 5 month

11 January
Some puppy picture.

Here is everbody, sleeping and relaxing.

Look our eyes are open!

3 January
Last year I was really bad at updating the news-page but for those who are intrested in what happened 2008 I have done a short and quick summary. Press here!

Below are the first photos of our present puppies born December 28. For more information Press here!

Sleeping at dear mum.

We are sooo cute!!

1 January
Happy New Year!!