ArbaQ´s Kennel

e. u. Mini-Maksi Ostin
(Russkiy Assorti´c Yason-Arnu Sofi)
u. ArbaQ´s Exit
(SUCH Forsis Salte Tartarin De Tarascon-Kinorla On the Move)
Born 2010-12-07
5 puppies

ArbaQ´s La Toya

ArbaQ´s La Toya 9 months

Toya (ArbaQ´s La Toya) 4 months

ArbaQ´s La Toya, 3 months

ArbaQ´s La Toya, 7 weeks

Toya, Camilla and Sarah Toya has moved to Camilla in the Altibo Kennel in Sala. Toya has been shown in puppy Class 4-6 months and became BOB and Best in Show Puppy!

ArbaQ´s Liza Minneli

ArbaQ´s Liza Minelli, 8,5 veckor

Dolly with her new family.

Liza Minneli or Dolly lives with Gunnel and Gunnar Korpås in Hammarby sjöstad .

ArbaQ´s Luciano Pavarotti

ArbaQ´s Luciano Pavarotti 7 veckor

Torsten with his family.

Torsten lives in i Bergshamra with Britt-Marie Linghorn and family.

ArbaQ´s Leonardo Da Vinci

Frodo (ArbaQ´s Leonardo da Vinci), 4 månader

ArbaQ´s Leonardo da Vinci 7 weeks

Frodo with his new family.
ArbaQ´s Ludwig van Beethoven

ArbaQ´s Ludwig van Beethoven 7 veckor

Anders and Kalle.

Ludwig is called Karl-Erik or Kalle and lives in Norrköping.