ArbaQ┤s Kennel

e. ┼kerblommans Gramse Gangster
(NUCH SUCH Forsis Salte Kavaljer Krona- Azofra De Verorich)
u. Kinorla On the Move
Born 2004-09-22
7 puppies.
Puppy picture

ArbaQ┤s Abra Kadabra

Abra april 2007
Abra August 2006

Abra april 2006

Abra December 2005
Abra on her first dog show, March 2005.
Abra3 Abra4
Abra, January 2005
Abra when she was a puppy.
Best friends; Abra and Anton.

Abra Kadabra lives with Inger, Anders and their two kids and a giant schnauzer in Tullinge. Abra has got CA at dog shows.

ArbaQ┤s Adrenalina

Luva September 2008

Luva August 2007

Luva October 2006

Photo Anne Klangeby
Luva as BIS-7 Puppy at the Specialty show.

Luva 5 month and groomed by Camilla. Now she starts to look like a "real schnauzer"!
Little Adrenlina or Luva which is her pet name lives in Sala together with giant schnauzer p/s and Camilla and P-H, kennel Altibo.Luva has got CA at Dog Shows.

ArbaQ┤s Aquavit

Kajsa plays around.

Aquavit or Kajsa lives on kungsholmen in Stockholm together with the Birgitta and Mats.

ArbaQ┤s Annie Get Your Gun

Annie summer 2006.

Annie april 2006.

Annie lives with her family Kristina, Kajsa and Sven in Tullinge just outside Stockholm.

ArbaQ┤s Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera or Ella which is her pet name lives in Stockholm at the Bimark-family.

ArbaQ┤s Afrodite

Sascha newly groomed, summer 2006

Also Afrodite or Sacha lives in Stockholm on Ingar÷ together with the family Alling.

ArbaQ┤s Amadeus Pling-Plong

Ville November 2005

Ville in May 2005, newly groomed by Emma.

Ville after his first grooming, still some undercoat left on him.

The only male in the litter is called Ville and stays att Emma and her boyfriend in Stockholm.