Black giant schnauzer puppies are planned to spring 2007, more information will come

Miniature schnauzer puppies are expected to week 13, ready for their new homes at the end of May.

ArbaQ´s Adrenalina (e. Åkerblommans Gramse Gangster u. Kinorla On the Move)- Adrenalina are eye-checked normal and have CA at dog shows. Father to the puppies will be Cycorns Rainman (e. Chelines Charly-Brown u. BYCH RUCH SV-05 UACH Mátraszépe White Night). He got CA at dog shows and are eye-checked normal.

foto A Klangeby
ArbaQ´s Adrenalina 2004 (to the left) and 2005 (to the right)

Cycorn´s Rainman

Pedigree of the puppies

For more information mail to marie.backstrom@stfi.se or call +46-8-58360195 or +46-70-433 55 45